OK Go, “Here It Goes Again”

Artist: OK Go
Song: Here It Goes Again
Released: 2009
Why: You can never have too much OK Go – so much more than music.

Justice Vs Simian, “We Are Your Friends”

Artist: Justice Vs Simian
Song: We Are Your Friends
Released: 2006
By: Ed Banger Records
Why: Com-o-o-on!

The Chemical Brothers, “Believe”

Artist: The Chemical Brothers
Song: Believe
Released: 2005
By: Virgin, UK
Why: I believe The Chemical Brothers are AMAZEBALLS! Just like this clip…

Scissor Sisters, “She’s My Man”

Artist: Scissor Sisters
Song: She’s My Man
Released: 2006
By: Polydor Ltd, UK
Why: Cause they are coming out to Oz for Summadayze 2011 and Pyramid Rock Festival 2011.

Groove Armada feat. Stush and Red Rat, “Get Down”

Artist: Groove Armada feat. Stush and Red Rat
Song: Get Down
Released: 2007
By: Sony BMG Music Entertainment, UK
Why: Fluffy white rabbits are CUUUTE, and it’s also (somewhat) educational.

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