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AC Slater

Just a cool guy living the NY dream, really…

It’s hard to call somebody cool and not have it come across as condescending these days. But that is exactly what AC Slater is – just one very cool guy. He’s the dude everyone wants to be friends with, who goes beyond just being the ringleader. He is the man who prints up the matching “Team Trouble” T-shirts. Having cemented his skills as part of the Parklife 2010 tour, AC is about to come back to do it all again for Groovin’ The Moo in 2011.

Whilst AC Slater certainly has earned himself an array of dedicated Aussie fans, he is just as big a fan of Australia. “For me Australia is like number one. I’m not just saying that (because you’re an Australian) but it’s my favourite place to play. I don’t know why but the energy is just incredible there and the people are just hungry for music. I love it. It’s just so much fun,” he says. Having recently finished a tour of Canada, AC Slater certainly proves himself to be quite the connoisseur of parties. “I feel like Canada is somewhere between, in terms of personality, of the US and the UK as far as parties go. It’s just wild and they just love anything and are so open to new music.”

During his tour with Parklife, AC formed (what he lovingly dubs as his f***ed up family), Team Trouble with a few of his fellow touring artists Uffie, Chiddy Bang, Jack Beats and Jesse Rose. When asked if he would recruit fellow Groovin’ The Moo artist Darwin Deez to his team he replies, “I hope so.” With Darwin also part of the Parklife tour, AC Slater credits his fellow US artist as “Amazing. His set’s are just straight fun”, though laments that he was not able to see the full set due to a scheduling issue; something he hopes won’t happen again this time round. And it seems that the admiration is mutual, with Darwin caught dancing ardently amongst the rest of AC Slater’s followers during his Melbourne set, something at least this fan hopes to witness again.

AC SLATER – “TAKE YOU FEAT. NINJASONIK” from Trouble & Bass on Vimeo.

Based in Brooklyn, near the infamous NY music hub of Williamsburg, AC confirms to Citysearch the hype surrounding the mushrooming musical Mecca. “Yeah it’s really cool. It’s a nice little community. You see people all the time and it’ll be like A-Trak and whoever. I really enjoy living here a lot,” he beams. While he may have recently moved to LA to avoid the New York winter, AC will always be a true New Yorker at heart and remains humble as he describes how it all started. “When I was younger everyone called me AC, it’s my initials, and then people started calling me AC Slater (from Saved By The Bell) as a joke. So when I had to pick a DJ name I just kind of went with it as a joke and it stuck!”

It’s fair to say, the US teen TV show has had more than just an influence on his name with AC using samples from the show in a number of his remixes. Faced with the choice of who would feature in a Saved By The Bell skit music video, AC laughs as he reels of the lead characters. “I would probably put Drop the Lime as Zack, I’d have to incorporate my whole Trouble and Bass crew in there and maybe make Udachi Screech. We could make, Moby Mr. Belding.”

Michelle Sawyer, March 2011.

Arj Baker’s Eleven @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011

Two words – Honey Badger.

In what Arj himself calls one of his most ‘revealing’ shows to date, the Jogger-Americanis, a regular visitor to our sunburnt country, certainly knows his territory (that being our territory), delivering a stand up show of exactly what we Aussies want to hear. His knowledge of Melbourne’s botanic gardens alone should be enough to grant him citizenship.

Taking a massive assault on mother nature (not because he hates her but just because he can and someone needs to), his ex-girlfriend, Neapolitan ice-cream, honey badgers and a childhood pet; Eleven is not so much a reveal into the man himself but to his art for building a joke. So is Eleven worth the price of admission?

As Arj encourages his audience ‘if you liked the show, tell your friends to come see it. And if you didn’t, tell them to come see me anyway and bring them down with you.”

Michelle Sawyer, March 2011.

Drop The Lime – Exclusive

Rockabilly, Manhattans & James Dean; these are the things that maketh the man, if you are Drop the Lime.

In a world where the DJ is rapidly taking over the title of ‘Pop Prince’ (or Princess), Drop the Lime remains refreshingly different. Always one to add a twist, Drop the Lime combines traditional genres – Latin blends with progressive house beats as smoothly as a Manhattan on the rocks (stirred not shaken). Having played at Stereosonic in 2009 and returning on a national tour in 2011, Drop the Lime has grown affection for one of our premiere dance clubs, Superdisco.

“I love the Prince. I love, love, love it. It’s one of my favourite clubs” says Luca Venezia aka Drop the Lime. Joining the Princely party will be Melbourne DJ Acid Jacks, one of many converts to Luca’s Trouble & Bass label. “We’ve been chatting and doing a few tunes together. He’s got a little bit of the rockabilly sense like me and we’ve been doing a bootleg of the track Wipeout by the Safaris. We share that Italian connection, so it’s always fun to hang out with him”, says Drop the Lime.

More than just a fan of James Dean, his affection for rockabilly has inevitably etched its way past his Grandfather’s lime green 1950’s motorcycle and greased hair to now heavily feature in his music. “I used to release music under the name Curses, and I made a song where I sampled the saying ‘You’re tearing me apart!’” His latest single, Hot As Hell, is a tasty example of what to expect from his highly anticipated debut album Enter The Night (due out May 2011). “I grew up on it (rockabilly), I never wanted to incorporate it into my club sound, but over time I started playing a lot more of it. Eventually it just made sense and people started catching on.”

Fellow Brooklyn based DJ AC Slater (also signed to Trouble & Bass) is a strong supporter of Drop the Lime’s music, dubbing his smash single Sex Sax as the best track of 2010. Luca explains “Sex Sax is such a festival tune. Believe it or not I actually made that song in Australia when I played at Stereosonic. I invented it as a DJ tool to transition between more organic live sounds to really hard techno sounds and everybody just kept asking me “What’s that tune?” So I made it into a real song.” Drop the Lime is just as open in his own praise for artists AC Slater, French wunderkind Surkin and Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Hamm. “Rather than do a remix, I would love to do a collaboration (with QOTSA). Talking about it right now is the first time I’ve thought of doing it, but I would love to. I need to make that happen.”

With a large following in Europe thanks to a residency at UK Mecca-club Fabric, Drop the Lime remains unusually quiet when it comes to his presence on social media. “I don’t know how long that’s going to last. I think I’ve learned my lesson where you see a lot of people tweet and blast out whatever it is they have on their mind. I think that if you’re at a certain level (like at festivals) then it’s okay, anything goes. But I’m not there yet. I still think there’s a long way to go. I haven’t reached my goal yet of where I want to be and I don’t want to f*** it up by talking about some girl’s boobs on Twitter. The boobs will twitter themselves.”

Michelle Sawyer, April 2011.