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Superdisco At Prince Bandroom

It’s like Studio 54, plus cats.

Location: Prince Of Wales Hotel, 93 Kerr Street, Fitzroy 3065

Something is happening at The Prince Bandroom. While you won’t find any 70-year-old Disco Sally’s snorting crack off a urinal, you will find big mirrors, lasers, a little latex and some cats (but there’s no need to call the RSPCA just yet). We’re talking about Superdisco; the new super club of Melbourne (and possibly Australia).

When you’re doing interviews with acts like Bag Raiders and they begin to lose their minds at the mere mention of their impending gig at the haunt, you know that something special is happening. Superdisco is single-handedly bringing back the cool to Saturday nights. More like a party than a club, Superdisco does not discriminate when it comes to showing the kids a good time (almost anything goes if you get our drift).

Known for having a fondness for cats, as seen in many of their purr-fectly styled promotional posters, it has the pulling power of a Saturday Night St Kilda Street Worker; soliciting artists such as Calvin Harris, Bag Raiders, Andy Murphy (a Superdisco disciple), Acid Jacks, Drop The Lime and Kid Massive on a regular basis – not to mention the venue’s superstar fans Ke$ha and Steve Aoki who go just for fun. Needless to say, this place goes off like a cat in a bag (figuratively speaking)!

Another kudos for Super-D, is that it has given the beautiful smelly kiss of life back to Prince’s Bandroom; refilling its ample dance floor and dark cosy corners with the sweet scent of sweaty satisfaction it so rightly deserves. St Kilda, in turn, is also witnessing a resurgence of popularity as a Saturday night destination, with Super-D’s classy patrons giving the beachside suburb’s sometimes grubby demeanour a little more glamour.

So if you are in town and happen to get a case of Saturday Night Fever, remember the only cure is Superdisco – but do book your tickets in advance as this place does sell out quicker than trays of hot chicken nuggets at a kids’ food fair.

Michelle Sawyer, February 2011

Toff In Town Band Room

Toff by name, Toff by nature; this venue is as decedent as its title suggests.

Location: Second Floor, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000

Toff’s band room offers all the splendour of the main bar, scaled down to complement the intimately sized stage and dance floor. The bar is situated on the split level deck at the Swanston Street end of the room. As functional and fantastic as the numerous international and local beers it has on tap, you also have the indulgence of being able to order a Toff-tail (or Cocktail as they are more commonly know) which are as tasty as the Toff’s who make them.

But not to be distracted by the drinks, bar tenders and city sights (that’s what the main bar is for), the bar deck provides it’s patrons with some pretty posh views of the stage. The choice view though, is being able to stand at the very front of the stage where you’re so close to the band that you can almost touch them (though touching of the band is not acceptable Toff etiquette).

Toff tends to feature predominately indie and electro billings suitable for it’s smaller, intimate size. Notably it is perfect for an EP launch, as said so on their website. Not hard to see why with the schmoozey surrounds of the main bar just a short stumble across the main entrance.

Michelle Sawyer, April 2010

Sizzling Hot Barbeque 2011 Review

Bros, loos and sneaky backstage views.

A two-hour drive, slight parking detour and game of entry gate ping-pong (“better put that in the review” I say to photographer Lauren), we arrive and dive into the sea of flesh that is Hot Barbeque 2011.

First up, is Bluejuice. The boys merrily join in the celebration of the sun, stripping down to their bare chests and fluffy-tight-white lycra leggings; energetically swinging their mics and sweating profusely. But hell, who isn’t? The rest of us at the aptly named Mixed Grill stage roast as we watch and jump blissfully along with the boys. Stepping out to the side, the ample fields of Point Nepean provide plenty of room for the more tender pieces of meat to relax and soak up the musical juices of the day.

A refreshing, free Lipton Ice Tea down the hatch, (“better put that in the review” I say to Lauren), we meander across to the Lamb Chop stage for a hearty performance by Boy & Bear. Bromance is in the air; Dave and Killian exchanging knowing glances to one another on stage whilst shirtless dudes wrap their beefy arms around their mate’s sweaty shoulders in unison

We make the right move of taking a toilet break in prep for a steamy Roger Sanchez set. We make the wrong move of accidently opening an unlocked, but occupied toilet! (“Should I put that in the review?” I ask Lauren). Roger does not disappoint, showing no signs of fatigue from his previous five- hour set from the night before. Justice’s We Are Your Friends and Eurhythmics Sweet Dreams are particular highlights.

We break out over to Lamb Chop to catch Gypsy & The Cat, just in time to see them launch into Jona Vark. Roger’s crowd hangs around Mixed Grill for Molly Meldrum’s DJ set of pure 90’s pop rock. Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer goes down like tomato sauce on a hot sausage. Lauren scabs a chip from some bro’s we keep bumping into (“better put that in the review” I say to Lauren), as we wander over to the Fried Onion stage to catch the tail end of a sexy set by Aaron Trotman Vs Nick Young.

As the sun starts to slip away as the night merges into massive sets by the Hoodoo Gurus, Jamie Robbie Reyne, DJ Peril & NFA MC, and Nick Foley & Feenix Prawl. Somewhere between is a giant prime rib of anticipation and anxiousness for the MIA man of the moment Mos Def. Like the true hip-hop star that he is, Mos Def shows, making the possibly nervous promoters very happy with his high energy and incredibly entertaining set. We slip out the side and behind the main stage with the rest of the paps, having a wander around to watch John Course from behind the Fried Onion stage before sneaking over to see the last of Grafton Primary at Lamb Chop.

Not sure if we were supposed to do that (“better not put that in the review” I say to Lauren).

Michelle Sawyer, January 2011