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Why Beyoncé is the best thing to happen to the internet since Facebook.

Having smashed the music scene in 2013, owning the holiday season with her surprise release of the game changing , Visual Album, Beyoncé’s star continues to grow brighter and brighter, with no signs of slowing down. But what is the most interesting thing about the phenomenon that is Queen Bey, is how she is harnessing the power of digital to drive her dominance.


1. If I don’t own it, I don’t need it – The Power of Earned and Owned Media

What has been most notable with Beyoncé’s marketing campaign for the Visual Album, is that she released with no paid media campaign – it was solely done via owned and earned media. Through utalising her digital assets and community, Beyoncé was able to generate her viral reach simply via word of mouth sharing, and hitting the right online influencers. This buzz then filtered through to mainstream media, such as this article from The Daily Mail, who furthered the commercialisation of the album launch for her. Through avoiding paid reach and instead using ‘word of mouth’ reach, her album release more impactful than her competitions planned and teased ATL campaigns.

To add longevity to the album’s release, Beyoncé has continued to drive awareness via earned media, with like, surprise PR stunts, such as the Christmas Wallmart Shopper Vouchers for the album.


2. The Beyhive – An integrated online hub is the best media of all

“On December 13th, the date of the album release, Beyonce.com saw a major spike in traffic. There was a 1071.51% day over day increase in daily reach and a 4074.24% increase in daily views.” Via Compete PRO data

Through having a central online hub, Beyoncé was able to centralise and curate all media activity, including content and social conversations. Beyonce.com integrates all her social channels, including Tumblr, her blog, Beyhive, social media stream via #BeyGood, tour info, and more. Not only did this enable to have greater control over what was happening online, but also stay ahead of the game, through being able to generate and repurpose all the online buzz for her own benefit. It also gave all interested fans, media paps and voyeurs an easy access destination to stay up to date with Bey’s constant bomb drops.


3. “I’m Beyoncé, bitch” – Creating News through Content, PR the Beyoncé way

Social media has given ‘backstage access’ to the lives of the rich and famous like never before. And with increase in smart phone technology, faster content applications and explosion of misguided youth’s adaption of all of the above, keeping control of one’s private life is an ever diminishing luxury. However, through consistently posting high quality, stylised content via her digital networks, Beyoncé has found a way to maintain her image (and privacy), but also dictate the news at the same time.

This article in Huffington Post’s Celebrity section utalises her stunning images from her appearance at the high profile, Michelle Obama 50th Birthday bash.


4. She’s the (nice) Rupert Murdoch of Social Media – Consumer Loyalty Is Cost Effective

Whoever says customer loyalty doesn’t exist in the modern day is doomed. Beyoncé knows the true value of her fans, which is why she returns their love through sharing snippets of her life via her website, blog and social media, and never misses an opportunity for more personal ‘thank yous’, like her infamous photobomb, and the heartwarming “Halo” sign along with a sick fan at her Sydney concert.

All of which is loving shared and discussed avidly via her network of 55,522,294 Facebook Fans, 1,315,5645 Twitter Followers, 9,301,187 Instagram Followers, 730,199 YouTube Subscribers and who knows how many Tumblr viewers. How’s that for a media empire!

Beyonce & Jay-Z

5. “Crazy In Love” – She’s part of the Ultimate Brand Partnership

A lot of social media is about brand partnerships and leveraging your influencers. Beyonce takes this to a whole new level; Jay-Z (hubby), Solange (Lil sis), Barack and Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow (BFF) & Chris Martin, her Destiny’s Child sisters, Kelly Rolland and Michelle Williams… yeah, the girl’s got connections.

Michelle Sawyer
23rd January, 2014