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And the Academy Award for Best GIF Goes To…

It’s that time of year again – the one and only, Oscars. Which means GIFs, GIFs and more GIFs (yes). With over 43 million viewers this year, 2014’s ceremony and it’s stars gave us some of the most shareable social media moments to last us until next years awards. Counting down from 10 to 1…

10. Ellen, the good witch of the north.
Perfectly sums up how we all feel when dressed in something OTT ridiculous.

Ellen, the good witch of the north

9. Jim Carey, still the master of facial contortion.
“Of course, the magic I’m referring to is LSD… I might be reading that wrong. It’s animation. Wow, I was way off.” Never change JC!


8. Ellen, ‘Selfie’
The first of many…


7. Julie Roberts, what big teeth you have…
The happiest and most radient I have seen this pretty woman looking in a loooong time. Lovely!


6. JLaw Fall
Wouldn’t be the #Oscars without a tumble from Jennifer Lawrence. Bless.

JLaw Fall

5. Benedict Cumberbatch Photo Bomb
Thank you Jebus for the magnificant Mr Benedict Cumberbatch aka Khan aka Smaug aka Sherlock aka awesome! (Aware this isn’t a GIF but it’s too brilliant not to be in this list.)


4. Surprise!
Leo’s face. Priceless.


3. Lupita Nyong’o Wins The Best Supporting Actress Award
Pure joy, love and everything this world should be.


2. The Selfie That Broke Twitter
Only Ellen could make this happen… (what Hollywood dreams are made of.)


1. Steve McQueen Clap
The only clap you will even need to share on social media again. Ever.

Steve McQueen Fake Clap

March 4th, 2014

Spending 15 Minutes With Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki – is there nothing this LA dude can’t do?

One of Australia’s favourite DJs, I caught up with Steve Aoki before his gigs at Future Music Festival and Good Life. While the man is all over everything, he still remains one of the most relaxed and laidback people in the business. To see behind the real Steve, we got to talking about everything from models to restaurants and, yes, his BFF Cobrasnake…

One of your trademarks is your scream. Have you ever lost your voice through screaming on stage?

Well, sort of. I’ve been in punk bands since I was 15. When I was 16/17 years old playing in these hardcore bands after the first time I would sing I would lose my voice, but somehow I’ve gotten to this place (with it).

Your track Warp, with the Bloody Beetroots has been massive here in Australia. You’ve just made a new track Turbulence with Laidback Luke, do you get a feeling of how big a track is going to be when you’re making it?

Laidback Luke and I have been in the studio together for years. I’ve been going to his studio in Holland. This was our third session when we wrote Turbulence and we had the idea of doing something kind of in-between a Warp and a My God and we came up with Turbulence.

Originally there was no Little John there, it was just an instrumental, and we were talking and I was like, ‘I want to do a track about turbulence. All we do is fly everywhere!’ I have my little note pad, for when I want to do a track like Wake Up (I did that one just recently), it’s like always those kind of things you don’t really think about, but you do all the time.

You have this track I’m In The House. That is a really great graphic clip, did you do have much to do with the design?

That was like Jam Sutton and that video. I’d say we shot it all in one day with me and will.i.am, and the rest was all post production. So it was really all Jam, he is an amazing director. He did all the drawings, sketches… I had a little bit of input on the basic idea, the drawings that were in there that comes from a lot of my artwork, but as far as laying it all out I have to give all the credit to Jam.

You have your own clothing line, you have a magazine and your own restaurant Shin; where do you find all the time between flying, DJing and producing to get all these things out there?

LA life is important to me, so doing things that are very local keeps me grounded here. Actually I just opened up a new restaurant with a bunch of Australians.

Who was that with?

Dan (Single) and George (Gorrow) from Ksubi. They are partners in this restaurant and they are very good friends of mine, so we all kind of chipped in. These other Australians are operating it.

When you came out to Winter Sound System the second song you played was Pendulum’s track that is also the theme song for a current affairs program here called Four Corners. When you play gigs in other countries do you try and make your set fit the country or city that you’re in?

Yeah sometimes, I think about that. But mostly it’s a very specific set as the audience wants to hear my own music. They want to hear Warp, they want to hear I’m In The House, Pursuit Of Happiness, and then my new material like Turbulence and No Beef which is a new track I did with Afro Jack, and some tracks of the album. But sometimes, like when I was in Italy I opened with a Pavarotti vocal. He’s an Italian god.

A few years ago you did a DJ set with Lindsay Lohan. It seems like a lot of models are crossing over and taking to the deck these days. What do you think about that?

She’s a sweet girl. I think there’s room for everyone. I don’t have any hate on that, but when I was playing more in Hollywood and gigs in Los Angeles, that was when I was doing more of these gigs like with Lindsay and other personalities a bit.

You’ve got Agyness Deyn and Daisy Lowe from the UK who tend to get on it a bit…

There’s like a world that I kind of thrive in which is what we’re talking about… which is Future Music Festival and these big shows. You wouldn’t have those people DJ that, and then there’s like the bar scene, usually kind of like these smaller Hollywood clubs and bars where you could have an iPod DJing and it doesn’t really matter.

So there’s a place for everyone. Could have a monkey do it. That would be the coolest thing in the world for a bar. I would go to a party that Agyness Deyn is playing at because I would know she would be playing some really interesting records.

Daisy Lowe did an entire set that every track had to have the word Daisy in there.

Yeah, that’s really interesting and sometimes you just want to chill out and have a drink and not go to some crazy festival kind of thing and just experience something totally different. With like Cobrasnake DJ for instance, he like plays like Black or White by Michael Jackson to like some other random track and it’s just kinda of funny. Those kind of things are cool too.

Speaking of Hollywood gigs, you have a really big gig coming up at the Hollywood Palladium with Tiga and Dada Life. Is it a little more special when you play a gig in your hometown now?

On that run I’m doing a lot of big rooms. It’s hard to fill that room, it’s like 3,500 capacity room and I don’t really play in LA that much so when I do I want to make it a special show. So I’m doing that, and at the same time I’m doing Warfield in San Francisco which is one of the most legendary rock rooms. America’s definitely kind of ready for this music now and you don’t have to be Tiesto or Deadmau5 to fill these rooms anymore. You can just be Steve Aoki.

You recently had to postpone a whole bunch of dates for your Asian tour, and on your blog post, you wrote that you would announce when your next album was coming out. Are you able to give us any dates on that?

I can tell you that we are scheduling for an early summer release. I’ve been working on it for over a year and I have some amazing vocal features that kind of span all different genres like Wynter Gordon, will.i.am, Kid Cudi, Little John, Chiddy Bang, Rivers Cuomo from Weezer, Lovebox from CSS. There is just like this kind of variety of some big dance records to some more mellow records that I’ve done. At the end of the day I just try to write the best song I can to get the best out of the vocalists. So it’s not all club-banging records.

Michelle Sawyer, February 2011