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And the Academy Award for Best GIF Goes To…

It’s that time of year again – the one and only, Oscars. Which means GIFs, GIFs and more GIFs (yes). With over 43 million viewers this year, 2014’s ceremony and it’s stars gave us some of the most shareable social media moments to last us until next years awards. Counting down from 10 to 1…

10. Ellen, the good witch of the north.
Perfectly sums up how we all feel when dressed in something OTT ridiculous.

Ellen, the good witch of the north

9. Jim Carey, still the master of facial contortion.
“Of course, the magic I’m referring to is LSD… I might be reading that wrong. It’s animation. Wow, I was way off.” Never change JC!


8. Ellen, ‘Selfie’
The first of many…


7. Julie Roberts, what big teeth you have…
The happiest and most radient I have seen this pretty woman looking in a loooong time. Lovely!


6. JLaw Fall
Wouldn’t be the #Oscars without a tumble from Jennifer Lawrence. Bless.

JLaw Fall

5. Benedict Cumberbatch Photo Bomb
Thank you Jebus for the magnificant Mr Benedict Cumberbatch aka Khan aka Smaug aka Sherlock aka awesome! (Aware this isn’t a GIF but it’s too brilliant not to be in this list.)


4. Surprise!
Leo’s face. Priceless.


3. Lupita Nyong’o Wins The Best Supporting Actress Award
Pure joy, love and everything this world should be.


2. The Selfie That Broke Twitter
Only Ellen could make this happen… (what Hollywood dreams are made of.)


1. Steve McQueen Clap
The only clap you will even need to share on social media again. Ever.

Steve McQueen Fake Clap

March 4th, 2014

Why Beyoncé is the best thing to happen to the internet since Facebook.

Having smashed the music scene in 2013, owning the holiday season with her surprise release of the game changing , Visual Album, Beyoncé’s star continues to grow brighter and brighter, with no signs of slowing down. But what is the most interesting thing about the phenomenon that is Queen Bey, is how she is harnessing the power of digital to drive her dominance.


1. If I don’t own it, I don’t need it – The Power of Earned and Owned Media

What has been most notable with Beyoncé’s marketing campaign for the Visual Album, is that she released with no paid media campaign – it was solely done via owned and earned media. Through utalising her digital assets and community, Beyoncé was able to generate her viral reach simply via word of mouth sharing, and hitting the right online influencers. This buzz then filtered through to mainstream media, such as this article from The Daily Mail, who furthered the commercialisation of the album launch for her. Through avoiding paid reach and instead using ‘word of mouth’ reach, her album release more impactful than her competitions planned and teased ATL campaigns.

To add longevity to the album’s release, Beyoncé has continued to drive awareness via earned media, with like, surprise PR stunts, such as the Christmas Wallmart Shopper Vouchers for the album.


2. The Beyhive – An integrated online hub is the best media of all

“On December 13th, the date of the album release, Beyonce.com saw a major spike in traffic. There was a 1071.51% day over day increase in daily reach and a 4074.24% increase in daily views.” Via Compete PRO data

Through having a central online hub, Beyoncé was able to centralise and curate all media activity, including content and social conversations. Beyonce.com integrates all her social channels, including Tumblr, her blog, Beyhive, social media stream via #BeyGood, tour info, and more. Not only did this enable to have greater control over what was happening online, but also stay ahead of the game, through being able to generate and repurpose all the online buzz for her own benefit. It also gave all interested fans, media paps and voyeurs an easy access destination to stay up to date with Bey’s constant bomb drops.


3. “I’m Beyoncé, bitch” – Creating News through Content, PR the Beyoncé way

Social media has given ‘backstage access’ to the lives of the rich and famous like never before. And with increase in smart phone technology, faster content applications and explosion of misguided youth’s adaption of all of the above, keeping control of one’s private life is an ever diminishing luxury. However, through consistently posting high quality, stylised content via her digital networks, Beyoncé has found a way to maintain her image (and privacy), but also dictate the news at the same time.

This article in Huffington Post’s Celebrity section utalises her stunning images from her appearance at the high profile, Michelle Obama 50th Birthday bash.


4. She’s the (nice) Rupert Murdoch of Social Media – Consumer Loyalty Is Cost Effective

Whoever says customer loyalty doesn’t exist in the modern day is doomed. Beyoncé knows the true value of her fans, which is why she returns their love through sharing snippets of her life via her website, blog and social media, and never misses an opportunity for more personal ‘thank yous’, like her infamous photobomb, and the heartwarming “Halo” sign along with a sick fan at her Sydney concert.

All of which is loving shared and discussed avidly via her network of 55,522,294 Facebook Fans, 1,315,5645 Twitter Followers, 9,301,187 Instagram Followers, 730,199 YouTube Subscribers and who knows how many Tumblr viewers. How’s that for a media empire!

Beyonce & Jay-Z

5. “Crazy In Love” – She’s part of the Ultimate Brand Partnership

A lot of social media is about brand partnerships and leveraging your influencers. Beyonce takes this to a whole new level; Jay-Z (hubby), Solange (Lil sis), Barack and Michelle Obama, Gwyneth Paltrow (BFF) & Chris Martin, her Destiny’s Child sisters, Kelly Rolland and Michelle Williams… yeah, the girl’s got connections.

Michelle Sawyer
23rd January, 2014

Show Time Stuff-Ups

Naturally, when the world is weighing on your shoulders and success balances on a single performance, it is inevitable you will unfortunately suck.

Lana Del Rey on SNL

Such was the case for hipster sensation, Lana Del Rey (born Elizabeth Grant), and her sensational – for all the wrong reasons – Saturday Night Live set. With what is a pedestal for musical performance – noted for being “notoriously difficult” for artist to score a spot on – featured a flat and mostly motionless Del Rey sulk her way through web released hits, Video Games and Blue Jeans. So atrocious, it prompted NBC newsreader, Brian Williams, to send an unflattering (and potentially career killing) email containing quotes “Brooklyn hipster Lana Del Rey had one of the worst outings in SNL history last night…” and “Booked on the strength of her TWO SONG web EP, the least-experienced musical guest in the show’s history, for starters.”

Lana Del Rey singing Video Games on Saturday Night Live.

Not even Harry Potter (the episode was hosted by Daniel Radcliffe) could work his magic for Ms Del Rey. Managing to bomb both songs on SNL, the pretty singer was more mistakable as a model with her stiff-as-a-statue stance. The oh-so-pretty-and-indie 1960’s inspired YouTube clip for Video Games, which features Ms Del Rey in many model-esque posses, currently boasts 20,081,157 views (as of 18/1/12).

Video Games on YouTube.

The kinder critics questioned if it was indeed a technical problem with audio (my own thinking was that it sounded like a case of the mike being switched off), as opposed to the more common (harsher and realistic) verdict that she was simply a starlet-in-making overwhelmed by the situation and status of performing a coveted Saturday Night Live spot. Outspoken LCD Soundsystem front-man, James Murphy, tweeted “Lana Del Rey plays Saturday Night Live next week. LCD Soundsystem tried for 6 years to play Saturday Night Live. Isn’t ‘too soon’ ok advice?”. NY gossip queen, Perez Hilton, also tweeted his agreement for the negative Twitter criticism on Lana’s performance, “It wasn’t just me! Seems like the OVERWHELMING consensus is that @LanaDelRey was horrible on SNL last night”. The promo alone should have sounded ‘alarm bells’ for the show’s seasoned producers; depicting what appears to be “a scared stiff young lady” standing next to the cool-as-a-cucumber, composed screen veteran, Radcliffe. See clip below…

Another suffering stage fright was poor Samantha Stosur, failing to go past the first round of the Australian Open. Stosur, ranked 6th in the Grand Slam, was defeated in straight sets, 7-6 (7-2), 6-3 by Romanian world No. 59 Sorana Cirstea – a player she has beaten in both prior encounters. Her lead up to the Oz Open, like with Lana, was also a give away to her unfortunate but imminent failure, losing in the 2nd round of the Brisbane International followed by a 1st round defeat in the Sydney International. Crumbling under the enormous pleasure set by the public and press after having won the US Open in 2011 (or in Lana’s case, releasing a “2 SONG web EP” as Brian so succinctly put it), Sam Stosur was pinned as Australia’s best hope for an Australian Open Champion in 2012. That expectation, which has dogged all our past US champions over the last 20 years, now rests heavily (and solely) on Bernard Tomic – poor bloke.

So whilst I do genuinely feel sorry for Sam, Lana Del Rey (or perhaps her management) simply should have known better – too soon indeed, James Murphy.

Michelle Sawyer, January 2012.

The inevitable SNL follow up skit… featuring Saturday Night Live regular and Bridesmaid writer/actress, Kristen Wiig sending up Lana to a tea – but all in a friendly, “we still love you” way (of course).

Aussie Pride Or Cheap Tricks

We Aussie’s are a creative bunch, especially when it comes to music. But do we still need to rely on some clever marketing ploys (or in my case, puns) to get our work over the line…

There is a lot of love for Australian music at the moment. Much of which has come thanks to a little duet from a top bloke named Wouter “Wally” De Backer, who you probably know better as Gotye. The sombre post break-up ballad, Somebody That I Used To Know featuring Kimbra (she’s a kiwi but we won’t hold that against her), is Gotye’s first commercially successful, knocking off the more internationally known Adele’s Someone Like You, from the top spot in the ARIA charts after a seven week run.

The creative clip, which features a naked but painted Wally and Kimbra pouring their hearts out against a wall, has already soared well about 2 million views on YouTube. And then there’s Twitter, which has seen a cavalcade of praise, but maybe none more important than actor and Cougar man-bag, Ashton Kutcher’s, who tweeted about the clip to his 7 million (!!) strong fan base.

*Tweet image courtesy of The Music Network.

I’ve been a fan of Gotye for years, all the way back since his 2006 single Learnalilgivinanlovin and (my fave), Heart’s A Mess, so it’s great to see one of Australia’s most talented and creative, self taught musicians getting the recognition he deserves; but I do have to wonder if it’s come to commercial light thanks to a little help from Hollywood? Fair to say, it doesn’t really matter, as the Australian media have jumped all over it too. Take a look at this very cool and interesting, in-depth analysis of how Wally’s first Number 1 came to be, posted by The Vine’s Tim Byron, (seriously good read).

Another creative kudos, which is also receiving some good Twitter action, is Gyroscope’s genius ploy of letting their fans pick the songs of their set list for their upcoming and self explanatory named, “Choose Your Own Adventure Tour”. Before they make their merry way around Australian in October – November, the Perth lads are letting fans pick the hits they want to hear, all very cleverly tied in with a promotion on their Facebook page (double marketing happiness). So there will definitely be no complaints of “they didn’t play my song” from any punters who will 100% “get what they paid for” – all round ingenious idea. My pick from Gyroscope’s back catalogue would have to be the lyrically loved up, Baby, I’m Getting’ Better, though I do also love Snakeskin… And having seen these boys bangin’ both tracks out live at Groovin’ The Moo 2011 I can say with 100% honesty fans are in for one hell of a show (fan-picked set list or not).

Another creative Tweet-worthy Oz music happening is the theft of a Parklife 2011 billboard in Perth. Now I’m not completely convinced this isn’t a ploy to pump up the presence of the major dance event. With what suspiciously sounds like a competition, the dude or dudette who finds the billboard get’s a couple of their More Expensive Tickets (METs) for nicks. Though having worked in Advertising me knows how expensive a high traffic billboard can be, so it is probably a genuine show of gratitude from some very annoyed (and perplexed as to how one would even fit a billboard of that size into one’s boot) Parklife promoters. To show I’m not making this up I have cut and pasted the Press Release as sent to me, word for word (word)…

Thursday 18th August 2011 – “Today, a reward has been offered to the person who can track down a Parklife advertising billboard, which was stolen in broad daylight at around 4pm on Sunday from Whatley Crescent, next to the Mt Lawley Subway in Perth.

Perhaps inspired by recent anarchy in the UK, bandits have taken off with the signage that is emblazoned with all the big names featured on this year’s Parklife bill. A passerby managed to capture this photo (below) from their car and have sent it to Parklife event organisers. They have described the two assailants as male, Caucasian, wearing navy blue, Hard-Yakka style outfits.

Parklife organisers commented, “We can assure you that this is no PR stunt. We actually think its pretty funny and hope these guys are just passionate Parklife fans who want this as a keepsake. God knows how they got away with it and where they’re hiding it, but we hope they have it somewhere safe!”

The reward for whoever comes forward with the whereabouts of this billboard includes two More Expensive Tickets (MET) and a side of stage experience at the Perth Parklife show on Sunday 25th September at Wellington Square. No legal action will be pursued.

Please contact events@boomtick.com.au with any leads.”

Now in my own cheap attempt to score some SEO points, here are some handy links for Gotye, Gyroscope and Parklife tickets and downloads.

Gotye tracks, including the single Somebody That I Used To Know for download on iTunes:

Gyroscope’s Choose Your Own Adventure Tour tickets go on sale Thursday, August 25th from the following outlets:

The Zoo, Brisbane – Wednesday, Nov 17th
Corner Hotel, Melbourne – Friday, Nov 18th
The Factory Theatre, Sydney – Saturday, Nov 19th
via www.oztix.com.au

Prince Of Wales, Bunbury – Thursday, Oct 20th
Settlers Tavern, Margaret River – Friday, Oct 21st
Studio 146, Albany – Saturday, Oct 22nd
L’Attitude 28, Geraldton – Saturday, Oct 29th
via www.heatseaker.com.au

The Gov, Adelaide – Thursday, Nov 17th
via www.venuetix.com.au

Parklife 2011 tickets are available via:


Michelle Sawyer, August 2011